DWNSTRS began between coworkers. We all worked in a downstairs area creating clothing for an office culture we couldn’t relate to. We started brainstorming about ideas for our own line; a style that referenced uniforms in a non-traditional way and that any gender could wear, something that could reflect the diversity of us as creators. Something to satiate our desire to break out of the confines of the San Francisco fashion scene.

We make clothing to blur the lines of class and gender, made from materials and processes that are as minimally harmful to the planet as possible. With limited runs made from reclaimed or American made materials and producing in San Francisco, we are challenging the fast fashion system - creating high quality garments to last through multiple seasons that can fit many different bodies and personalities.

We collectively design all of our garments. Our team is small. Paige is our photographer and marketing maven, Morgan is our patternmaker, and Ron keeps the fabric flowing.